The All In One Cloud!
The All In One Cloud!
Small Business - Personal Use - Entertainment
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Entertainment Cloud
Entertainment Cloud
Entertainment Cloud
Entertainment Cloud
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Back Up Your Important Files, Documents, Photos, Videos & Music To TRu Cloud!

                               Access your files from anywhere at anytime from anyone of your devices!  (cell phone, tablet, pc, mac, iphone)

Here's A Plus For You!
Entertainent Cloud!

Our premium members with an eCloud account are granted access to our valuable content!!

Entertainment Cloud (eCloud) accounts gives you minimum cloud storage, but full access to thousands of movies, new and old.

Our eCloud content include, movies, music, android apps, iphone apps, ebooks, and much much more!
If you have a smart tv, or if you have an Xbox or Playstation, you can access Entertainment Cloud on your tv in addition to your other devices.

Premium members can access our content from anywhere at any time, on anyone of thier devices.

Use the same data protection and recovery techniques that Fortune 500 companies rely on to safeguard your data!

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The All In One Cloud!
Business Cloud - TRu Cloud gives you business cloud to backup and store your important files, with the ability to access them on any device and at anytime with an internet or wifi connection.
Personal Cloud - TRu Cloud allows you to upload all of your personal files, and photos for protection or to share with your family and friends!  You can access your files on any device at any time.
Entertainment Cloud - Is A Family Friendly Cloud which gives you movies,  music, ebooks, audio books, cell phone apps, pc & mac apps, and much more just for your entertainment.   You can access eCloud content on your tablets, android phones, iphones, ipads, pc, mac, and on your tv if you have a smart tv, or xbox or playstaion system.  Of course you need a internet or wifi connection.

Adult Entertainment Cloud
- (Entirely Separate Cloud) TRu Cloud gives you premium adult content, that consist of some of the newest movies, videos, dvds, photos, books, and more!    Adult Entertainment Cloud has a seperate section dedicated to the vast variety of adult film for adults only.   A seperate subscription may be needed in order to access
Adult Entertainment Cloud!
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You can access TRu Cloud on anyone of these devices!
Any Time Any Where With An Wifi or Internet Connection
Android Phones
Android Tablets
TVs                          Pc                       Mac                                      Tablets                                  Smart Phones
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Entertainment Cloud

Personal Cloud
Entertainment Cloud
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